L.E. Kesselman
2 min readApr 20, 2023


...because if you get banned on this subreddit you cannot create a new account to circumvent the ban as reddit will ban you for further 3 days.

Oh my, Liquid Ocelot knows the draconian rules and ways of reddit very well! I am u/FreshOutOfGeekistan on reddit (there goes my privacy not really) with over 10,000 submission rep, much for long ago quarantined then banned r/TheDonald This is a clever, witty, and engaging post, Ocelot! It should be helpful to your readers. I like your style!

My only blog post submission that got any redditor attention was on r/infosec. I got accused of being the NSA on a trolling binge (not true). I have since been banned from r/TwoXChromosome (even though I am XX chromosome) and half a dozen other subreddits, so I just comment nowadays.

Screenshot of me being banned by reddit moderator
WHAT IS A WOMAN? r/TwoXChromosomes doesn’t know either

EDIT: I decided to share a few screenshots of my memorable sub-reddit bans.

Screenshot of me being banned by a reddit moderator
I didn’t get the Moderna vaccine but my mother did so I described her experiences. Unsure why I was banned.

This is what happened to me on r/politics after merely ONE submission! It was a link from a publication that was on that sub-reddit’s approved source list. Regardless, everyone hated the article (it had 92% downvotes lol) and started saying awful things about me as OP. I responded in kind and that was all it took! Good-bye…

r/politics is a notoriously argumentative and difficult sub-reddit, so I’m not surprised at what happened.

Being banned wasn’t a surprise, but the reason, for “hate speech”, was awful! And it was untrue. The article was from Commentary Magazine and was critical of aspects of U.S. energy policy during the Biden administration. redditors derided it as right-wing “Nazi shi7”. Commentary is a Jewish publication, so I objected to that. That was considered hate speech by r/politics!

It is no great loss. I spend time mostly visiting r/conspiracy, r/buttcoin, and r/sorceryofthespectacle instead.